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The User Guide section is under construction. In the interim, learn more about WordPress (which is at the foundation of your Komotion WebPack) using our recommended books. These can provide you with useful knowledge about creating and editing pages, managing media, optimizing your blog, and explaining various options and features in detail; quite helpful, particularly if you are a computer novice.

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer: Watch, Read, and Learn How to Create and Customize WordPress Sites

By George Plumley, paperback & DVD, 3rd edition (November 23, 2009)
Great beginner book, more focused on what you likely need to know. The DVD is a great bonus, showing some lessons in action. This is our top pick.
Buy it from Amazon.com ($29.69)

WordPress for Dummies

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson, paperback, 3rd edition (August 9, 2010)
A comprehensive overview of WordPress covering using it as a content management system and describing the back-end dashboard in detail. Style is a bit more fluffy and the book covers many aspects you are not likely to need. Get this one if you are on a tighter budget.
Buy it from Amazon.com ($16.49)

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