Marketing Services – Spark Your Customers, Ignite Your Business

Marketing Services – Spark Your Customers, Ignite Your Business

[teaser]Marketing is the engine for driving a company’s growth. We create campaigns that turn passive visitors into active customers.[/teaser]

We provide a full range of cost-effective marketing services that will help make an impact to your bottom line.

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Email marketing campaigns

Reach new and existing customers with promotions that will have them… We’ve created email campaigns (results from Calidora campaigns). And we’ll provide you with campaign reporting so you can see how many customers opened your email and how many took action. See an example of one of our email campaigns for client Calidora. (link to Calidora on Portfolio page)

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Pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns

A little budget can go a long way with PPC ads. These are the ads that show up on Google search pages at the top or down the right-hand side of the page. The great thing about a PPC campaigns? They are effective and trackable. You can see right away how your campaign is performing and adjust on the fly. Let Komotion create your Google AdWords, Yahoo and Bing PPC ad campaigns for you. We can manage them too, or you can take it over and manage it for yourself.

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

97% of consumers start the buying process by searching online.1 Is your company showing up when potential customers are searching for your products or services? Komotion provides SEO services that help you rank higher on Google and build website traffic. See how we moved client Cadence Family Therapy (link to Cadence on the Portfolio page) from page xx to page 1 for a top keyword.

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Social media connectivity

We hook up your website to your social media profiles. Got a Facebook page? We’ll connect you. Twitter? We’ll display your tweets right on your website. Yelp!? We’ll help you set up your Yelp! profile and show you how to leverage this terrific local traffic builder.

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Copywriting and content development

If the extent of your writing ability is addressing envelopes, we can help. For an example of our copywriting prowess, just take a look at the copy on this site. Need a tone more reverent (or irreverent)? We can adjust our copywriting to meet the needs of your business. Want a blog? We can help with that too.

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Ready to make an impact?

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