Our goal is to provide you with resources and step-by-step directions so you can do everything yourself, as long as you have interest, time and some technical aptitude. If you prefer to hire a professional, use this info as a guide. If you want to work with us, contact our website development team.

Phases of Development, Step-by-Step

When you create a new website, you should go through following phases. Each phase may be done by you, a website designer or a consultant with expertise in that specific area.

  1. Research – Market research; get clarity on why you need a website and what you want from it
  2. Planning – Website planning; identify features and create your website structure and content
  3. Development – Website development; build your website pages and implement other features
  4. Marketing – Marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) to maximize your website benefits
  5. Maintenance – Website maintenance; nurture, grow and keep your website in top shape