Whenever you create a page, a link to it is automatically added to the top menu bar of your website. As you add pages to your site you will want more control over which pages are shown in the top menu bar.

Quick Steps

  • Click Appearance in the left menu
  • Click Menus
  • In the text box on the right enter Menu (or whatever other name you want) and click the blue Save Menu button
  • In the Theme Locations box to the left, click on the Awake Menu drop-down and select the menu you just created
  • Click Save
  • In the Pages box below, see a list of all your pages; check the ones you want to have in your website’s main menu bar and then click Add to Menu. This will add those pages to the menu box to the right. Each page is represented by a gray bar. You can drag it up/down to re-order and left/right to nest it (creating sub-menus). You can set additional properties by clicking the arrow at the right edge of the bar.

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