Choose Website Colors

Your website comes pre-installed with a theme called “Awake”. This theme controls the colors of your website and some other important settings. Here is how to change website color settings.

Quick Steps

    1. Click Awake in the left menu, at bottom. This will display the General Settings tab.
    2. Style Variation – choose the one you want from the drop-down. To see all variations in full technicolor splendor, go to: /examples/colors/ and click on thumbnails to see a larger screenshots; notice color names labeled in the upper-left. Decide on a favorite color, make note of the color name, then go back to the Awake Theme Settings screen and select that style variation from the drop-down menu.
    3. Click Save Changes button below
    4. Click Your Website Name text in the upper-left of the page to see your changes

      You can change the colors of your site at any time without any adverse effects on your pages or content. Cool!

      [note_box]Note the rotating banner will now only show a spinning icon; this will remain until you change the Slider settings to have it show your own images. We will do this later on. For now, leave alone the other tabs at the top of the Awake Theme Settings screen alone as they generally require additional knowledge or rely on pages and images which you do not have yet in your site.[/note_box]

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