Learn How to Write the Page Description Meta Tag

Page description meta tag is one of the most important tags for search engine optimization. For best results, this tag should be limited to 156 characters. Use text box below and take advantage of the character counter to craft page descriptions that do not exceed this limit.

Description Meta Tag

The page description meta tag is an HTML attribute that appears in the page code and should provide information about the page topic. This information may be used by search engines on search engine results pages to display a preview snippet of that page.

Description tags are not as important for search engine ranking as they are in gaining better click-through from search engine listings. These concise descriptions provide an opportunity to advertise content to searchers and inform them what the page has in regard to what they are looking for.

The meta description should use keywords to form a compelling description that a searcher will want to click. It is important that the description is relevant and unique to that page.

Best Practice Tips

  • Do not go over 156 characters – if you do, search engines will display it truncated with ellipsis (…) at the end and it will decrease your click-through rate (CTR)
  • Be relevant – descriptions should be specific to the page
  • Avoid duplicates – each page should have a unique description
  • Do not stuff with keywords – use keywords as they would occur naturally in the logic of the text
  • Use active words that entice or make reader curious so they click on your page listing
  • Include a call to action, if appropriate (“Click Here to Learn More!”)
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word where you want to call more attention
  • Capitalize powerful words such as FREE, TODAY, NOW, DOWNLOAD, GET IT, etc.
  • Do not use quotes – remove quote characters or description may get cut off; you can still use separators like | , – etc. where it makes sense for users though using too many commas may be viewed as spammy
  • Description is important for high traffic, focused key phrases (1-3 words)
  • Description is not important if page focuses on long tail key phrases (4+ words); it may be better then to let search engine index their own keywords following their own rules

Further Study

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