Comprehensive Services at Your Fingertips

Choose from our a-la-cart services to get as little or as much help as you need. Once you sign up for our Web Pack you get all the tools and information you need to create a full-featured website yourself. Or, you can outsource the work to us or anyone else. Here are the types of services we provide:

  • Market Research
  • Website Planning
  • Website Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Online Marketing
Market Research

We can help the process of discovery

Website Planning

If you have an existing website, we can create and execute a strategy to migrate to a new website, including moving your domain and extracting your content.

Website Development

We can build your website based with the features you want – gallery, e-commerce, contact form, etc. The website is built on a Content Management System which allows you to easily update and maintain your website from your web browser. The website scope of work will be agreed based on the materials you have from the previous phases (Market Research and Website Planning).

Website Maintenance

  • Webmaster services, as needed
  • Expand your website with new features and content
  • Backup your website
  • Manage and support ongoing marketing initiatives (see below for more)


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