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[teaser]You only need to provide a list of your large images and the website will automatically scale and crop them to fit neatly within your Galleria frame. Click on image to see larger size.[/teaser]

[galleria transition=”fade” speed=”3000″ height=”400″ width=”600″ enable=”image_crop,show_counter,show_imagenav,pause_on_interaction,lightbox”]
[image title=”Title for image 1″ alt=”Alt text for image 1″]/images/greenery-01.jpg[/image]
[image title=”Title for image 2″ alt=”Alt text for image 2″]/images/greenery-02.jpg[/image]
[image title=”Title for image 3″ alt=”Alt text for image 3″]/images/greenery-03.jpg[/image]
[image title=”Title for image 4″ alt=”Alt text for image 4″]/images/greenery-04.jpg[/image]
[image title=”Title for image 5″ alt=”Alt text for image 5″]/images/greenery-05.jpg[/image]
[image title=”Title for image 6″ alt=”Alt text for image 6″]/images/greenery-06.jpg[/image]


Embed a compact gallery slideshow viewer showing images corresponding to a list of URLs. You have the option to adjust transition, height, width, speed and more…


[galleria transition=”slide” speed=”3000″ height=”340″ width=”300″ enable=”image_crop,pause_on_interaction,lightbox”]


  • Width – width of container
  • Height – height of container
  • Transition¬†effect:
    • fade
    • slide,
    • fade and slide,
    • push
    • flash
  • Speed – time for transition to complete (in¬†milliseconds)
  • Options¬†to enable:
    • Image crop
    • Show counter
    • Show image navigation
    • Pause on hover
    • Display image in lightbox (on click)
  • Title – title for each image
  • Alt – alternate text for each image


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