Change Website Title

The website by default shows the Awake graphic logo in the upper-left of all web pages. You’ll want to change this to show your own website name. To do this,  you will first set the theme to display the website title text (rather than a logo graphic), and then change the website title text to whatever you want.

Quick Steps

    1. If you are not already in the Awake Theme Settings screen, click Awake in the left menu, at bottom. This will display the General Settings tab.
    2. Custom Logo or Site Title – Choose Display Site Title (you can later upload a graphic that you have for your logo and choose to display that instead)
    3. Click Save Changes button below
    4. Click on Settings in the left menu; this will open the General Settings admin panel
    5. Change the Site Title to the one you want
    6. Change the Tagline to something that suits you. (This will be used as a description tag for your pages and may be used by search engines to display when showing links to your site.)
    7. Change any other settings to fit your preferences (optional)
    8. Click Your Website Name text (actually your new site title name will be shown) in the upper-left of the page to see changes in your live website


      Site Title – You can choose to display a graphic logo in the top-left corner, instead of the title text. You will be able to do this later. Note that even if you choose to display a graphic, it is important you have the Site Title filled in, as it will also be used to give your logo graphic a name that can be seen by search engines.

      Site Tagline – The website tagline may be used by a theme to display that information on your pages, for example somewhere at the top of the page, near the website title. Not all themes will display the website tagline. However, it is good practice to create a tagline for you site, so if you have a theme intended to display it, you will be able to see it.

      Other settings – Besides your correct email address, the other settings are not critical; rather reflect your preferences and can be changed at any time.


      For faster workflow, keep your website up in another browser window and just refresh the page when you want to see changes.

      To open a link in a new window, if you do not want to loose track of the window you are on, simply have the Ctrl key pressed when you click on the link. For example, if you are in the Admin window and you want to preview your website in a new browser window, press Ctrl key and click on the Site Title name in the upper-left of the Admin window.

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