List Website Features

Identify all features you want for your website. A website “feature” is anything that adds functionality to a website beyond pages, text, images and links.


Below are examples of common website features.

  • Contact form
  • Photo gallery
  • Store
  • Blog
  • Email newsletter campaign system
  • Video
  • Downloadable files (PDF or other type of digital files)
  • Upload functionality (permitting a user to use the website to send you digital files)
  • User forum (or bulletin board)
  • Etc…

Included Features

There are other important features to be considered for a website but, at least as far as getting your website through Komotion, you do not need to list separately or ask about it because we include it with all the websites we provide.

One of the most important feature you get is a Content Management System (or CMS), allowing you to access your website’s “dashboard” directly from any Web browser. This allows you to build the website yourself from scratch using a relatively simple interface accessible right in your Web browser. Or, if you use our website design services to create your site, it then allows you to add pages, change your theme colors and modify text and other settings.

To Do

Homework: Create a list of features you want for your website, based on the example above.

TIP: To get a better sense of what a visitor may expect from your website, search the web for other websites in your field. See what features they offer to get ideas for yours.

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