We provide you all the building blocks needed to create great websites. And each block is packed with flexible choices to ensure your needs are fulfilled. Life is good!

diagram showing main page sections

diagram showing sidebar

Logo and Social Links

Have your website name show as text or upload your logo or brand graphic. Easily display links to you social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Delicious or email. You can also link to your site’s RSS feed, which is generated for you automatically.

diagram showing menu bar


The menu is automatically generated for you to display your pages. The menu also includes hover effects to show nested pages. You can also customize the menu to display certain pages and to nest them as you want.

diagram showing header


The header is an optional area at the top of your pages and can display the page title, an image gallery, a recent tweet or HTML content. You have the option to display navigation breadcrumbs that are automatically generated for each page. Header examples: image gallery, formatted text, title & tweet, title only or no header. View all page header examples →

diagram showing multi-column layout


Use 1-6 columns to organize content. Columns can also be nested in each other for virtually endless possibilities. Column grid based designs will always make your pages look professional.
Page layout with multiple columns →

diagram showing sidebar


Sidebars can contain widgets, text, links, etc. You can create as many sidebars as you want. You can then choose if and which sidebar you want to display on any given page. Pages can have sidebar on right, left or display full-width. View all sidebar examples →

diagram showing footer teaser text

Footer Teaser

Optional text area to show a secondary message on every page of your site. You can have it display, text, recent tweet or HTML content.

diagram showing footer area


Area to show footer content. Widget and multi-column ready for your text, links, images or HTML content.

diagram showing footer teaser text


Special areas reserved on the left for a message like copyright info. On the right there is the “Powered by Komotion” badge (which can be removed for an additional cost) and optional links to specific pages you specify.

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