This gallery type is the most powerful and flexible and it is recommended for large image libraries. You can have nested albums for complex organization of your content as well shopping buttons for an e-commerce solution selling digital photos, paintings or any other physical or digital products…

Gallery displayed compact

[album id=1 template=compact]

Copyright notice: Images in this section are used courtesy of modern painter Lucia Neagu.

The first album is set to show images with captions, second albums shows image without captions and third album shows images in a “carousel” layout.

You have a large number of display options including full screen slideshow with transition effects. You can establish the size of the thumbnails to be automatically generated. You can associate titles and descriptions to each image for search engine optimization. You can also associate tags to each image and have dynamic albums of all images that contain a specific tag. And much more…

Gallery displayed extended

Galleries can contain any number of nested sub-albums and can be displayed in a compact form (as shown above) or in extended form (as shown below).

[album id=1 template=extend]

Gallery displayed as tag cloud

You can also show a tag cloud which will display albums automatically generated based on tags.

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