Your online media library contains all your uploaded images.  You can set titles, captions, descriptions and other properties for each image, and organize them into groups. When you create a gallery, you can specify the group you want to show.

WordPress standard gallery examples screenshot

WordPress gallery

Display images from your media library. Set the number of columns, captions and other options, and the gallery will automatically scale to fit.
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Galleria galleries example screenshot

Galleria gallery

Thumbnail navigation bar below a large image.  Set overall gallery size and images are automatically scaled and cropped to fit.
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Fancy galleries examples screenshot

Fancy gallery

Dynamic gallery automatically generated from your images. Just provide the image list and thubmanil size.
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NextGEN Galleries examples screenshot

NextGEN gallery

This “next generation” gallery type makes it a breeze to work with large image libraries, with options for nested albums, full screen slideshows, display of image properties and e-commerce integration.
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SlideShowPro Galleries examples screenshot

SlideShowPro gallery

The SlideShowPro gallery uses Flash to provide an all inclusive navigation experience in a compact space. It also provides a full screen button for an immersive slideshow.
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Portfolios examples screenshot


Get special gallery options, suited to showcase your projects. Each thumbnail in the gallery can show a date, a visit site buttons and/or read more button linking to a dedicated page for that ‘project’.
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Shozam gallery example screenshot

Shozam gallery

If you use Shozam to create online galleries, it is now easier than ever to integrate your Shozam generated galleries seamlessly with your website pages. View Shozam gallery example →

Flickr gallery example screenshot

Flickr gallery

If you have a Flickr account storing your images online, it is now easy to share them from your own website pages.
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