Add Image to a Post/Page
  • On the main menu click Posts or Pages
  • Hover over the Post or Page you want to edit and click Edit.
  • Click the Image icon on the toolbar above the text entry box.
  • Click Media Library tab and add the image
  • Set options (see more below)
  • Click Insert into Post button
  • Done!
It is recommended to always fill in the Title, Alternate, Caption and Description fields as this will help search engines to better understand and rank your content.
Optional settings
  • Title – text will show as tooltip on mouse-over (required)
  • Alternate text – text displays to visually impaired (recommended)
  • Caption – text shows underneath image
  • Description – may appear elsewhere
  • Link URL:
    • None – image will not be clickable
    • File URL – clicking image will show larger size, if available
    • Post URL – clicking on image will show a particular Post/Page
  • Alignment:
    • None – Keep default alignment (usually align left)
    • Left – Set image to align left
    • Center – Set image to align center
    • Right – Set image to align right
  • Size(*):
    • Thumbnail – Scales a copy of the image to 150 x 93 px
    • Medium – Scales a copy of the image to 300 x 187
    • Large – Scales a copy of the image to
    • Full Size

(*)Note that your image remains available on the server at the size you uploaded it, which gives you flexibility to change size of the image on the page as needed.

If you want the image to link to a larger copy of itself and display in an overlay, click the File URL and then also set the Advanced Options below.
Advanced Options

Once the image has been added to your Post or Page, you can change some other options, like showing the image enlargement in a nice overlay that scales to fit the view window.

  • View Post or Page in Visual tab (if in HTML tab, click on Visual)
  • In the text display area, click on image thumbnail
  • Click on Edit Image icon
  • Click on the Advanced Settings tab and change as needed.
    • Link Rel: highslide
    • CSS Class: highslide
  • Click Update – overlay window will close
  • On the main Post/Page edit window, click Update to save your changes
Overlay shows the Image Title at the top (editable in the Edit Image tab) and show the Title field at the bottom (editable in the Advanced Settings tab).

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